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Luke Carroll attends Northvolt with an Irish Delegation

Insights from Demo North Summit

Attending the Demo North Summit 2024 in Northern Sweden was an eye-opening experience for LPI Group and members of the Enterprise Ireland Irish Delegation. Over three days, Luke mingled with over 250 business leaders, investors, and policymakers,…
Roberta Bari, Quality Engineer standing at the National Children's Hospital

Roberta Bari Quality Engineer

Today, we're excited to introduce Roberta, our talented Quality Engineer at Ireland's National Children's Hospital (NCH) site. In this interview, we'll explore Roberta's pivotal role including: An overview of her day-to-day role in…
Jose Moreno, Regional Manager Munster and Connacht

Jose Moreno Regional Manager

In the latest edition of our Employee Spotlight, we're thrilled to introduce you to Jose Moreno, our dedicated Regional Manager for overseeing the earthing system and lightning protection system installations in the Munster and Connacht…
Aerial view of a housing estate in Ireland

Lightning Protection for Residential Buildings

1. Introduction Dwelling units are consistently under construction in various regions across Ireland. These residential buildings exhibit a variety of dimensions, masonry types, shapes, and house varying numbers of inhabitants. A recurring…

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