Surge Protection Devices

LPI Group Surge Protection Systems are designed to protect electrical equipment from voltage spikes. Each surge protector works by continually monitoring the voltage of incoming electricity, and when they detect a surge in electricity, self- sacrifice, by clamping down on the incoming voltage line and diverting the power surge to ensure seamless operability.

LPI Group install surge protection devices between the feed of incoming power and the equipment they are protecting. Surge Protection devices should be installed at all main and sub-distribution boards in a Data Centre.

  • Type 1 devices should be installed on all main boards and electrical services, such as lights and electric gates.
  • Type 2 surge devices to be installed on all internal sub-boards and life critical equipment, such as lift shafts and fire alarm panels.

We work alongside our clients to design, supply, install and commission our surge protection systems in full compliance with the European Lightning Protection Standard, EN 62305. All our surge protection equipment is sourced directly from leading manufacturers to ensure a cost-effective and best-engineered solution for clients.

Components of Surge Protection Devices

As part of any lightning protection system, there are three key components of the build-up as outlined below. It is essential that lightning protection systems are correctly designed and installed by specialist engineers who have undergone intensive training with ATLAS (The Association of Technical Lightning and Access Specialists) to ensure the safe and correct installation to protect your building envelope.


Air Termination Network

Captures the lightning strike and equally distributes the current to the down conductors.



Down Conductors

Safely dissipate the lightning strike from the air termination network to the earth termination system.



Earthing System

Disperses the lightning safely to ground. The current European Standard EN 62305 states that an overall resistance of 10ohms or less is required to achieve this.


System Advantages & Benefits

Surge Protection devices provide a number of key benefits for complete building envelope protection against electrical strikes.

These include:

Protection of electrical equipment

Assured data security

Improves lifespan of electrical equipment

Reduced building downtimes

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