Roberta Bari, Quality Engineer standing at the National Children's Hospital

Today, we’re excited to introduce Roberta, our talented Quality Engineer at Ireland’s National Children’s Hospital (NCH) site. In this interview, we’ll explore Roberta’s pivotal role including:

  • An overview of her day-to-day role in the NCH
  • How she came to join LPI Group
  • What she finds most exciting about her role
  • Her favourite thing about working with LP Group
  • Away from work, what Roberta enjoys doing.

Give us a brief overview of your role?

As a Quality Engineer, I ensure top-class quality and compliance throughout the construction process at NCH. I oversee room signoffs where our internal earthing systems are installed, track progress on BIM360, and collaborate closely with the site team to maintain standards.

Post-installation, I conduct meticulous quality checks for each of the completed rooms, documenting our work to ensure continuous excellence.

How did you come to join LPI Group?

After completing my Architectural Technology degree, a friend recommended me for a role at LPI Group to gain on-site experience. Eager to contribute to significant projects like NCH, I joined the team with enthusiasm.

I have an underlying passion for construction projects of this scale and a keen eye for quality. Once my friend recommended me for this role, it was a seamless process, from the interview through to beginning working at the NCH site.

What’s the most exciting aspect of your role?

Achieving flawless execution in each project area is incredibly rewarding. I really enjoy the daily processes of maintaining excellence on-site and ensuring any snags are dealt with promptly and effectively. Ensuring smooth progress and rectifying deviations before client review keeps me engaged and motivated.

Your favourite thing about working with LPI Group?

I appreciate LPI’s straightforward approach to work and our industry-leading reputation. I enjoy being part of a team committed to high performance and excellence, values that I associate with myself. This fills me with pride.

Away from work, what do you like to do?

I enjoy cycling, cooking, and teaching yoga. My favourite dish to cook is Feijoada (Brazilian Dish).

I am a keen yoga instructor and hold classes weekly. If you are interested in yoga and are in Dublin, follow @yoga_with_roberta on Instagram for updates on my yoga classes every Saturday!


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