Outside of Pearse Street Train Station

Pearse Street Train Station (Ireland)

Location: Dublin, Ireland
System Standard: EN 62305
Client: John Sisk
Duration: 6-months
Scope of Works: Design, supply, installation and commissioning of the lightning protection and surge protection system within the busy commuter station.

Project Introduction

Modern developments in railway lines today have made them more vulnerable to lightning transients. Due to this, John Sisk commissioned LPI Group to deliver the lightning protection and low voltage surge protection system at Dublin’s Pearse Street Train Station.

LPI Group designed, supplied, installed, and commissioned the station’s high-performance lightning protection and surge protection system over a six-month period in close collaboration with John Sisk. As Ireland’s busiest commuter station, LPI Group’s team of engineers worked through the night during electrical shutdown hours to ensure safe working around rail lines.

Working closely with John Sisk’s team to deliver our turnkey service ensured compliance with system codes and ultimately, the delivery of complete lightning protection for the train station, rail lines, internal electrical equipment, and, most importantly, station personnel.