LPI Group are delighted to announce our rebrand after a successful tenure of 10 years in business. Paudi Reidy, Group CEO provides key insights into LPI Group’s rebrand.

LPI Group are an Irish contractor, specialising in the design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of lightning protection, earthing and surge protection devices, with global reach across Europe, the UAE and Africa. We build and manage complex data centre and blue-chip projects that reimagine how people work in the built environment. Our determination and sharp focus enable us to deliver cutting edge lightning protection solutions across a range of key sectors, providing complete building envelope and human life safety.


LPI Group has made a key decision to rebrand – our first since inception 10 years ago in 2011.


As LPI Group enters our 10th year in business, with a team of over 100 staff, global locations and five times revenue growth in the last five year, we are entering a new development phase. Originally established as Lightning Protection Ireland for Irish operations and Lightning Protection International for international operations, we believe now is the right time to amalgamate the two divisions and trade as LPI Group.

Since our establishment in 2011, we have strongly prided ourselves on having a brand that reflects the premium full-service offerings we deliver to our clients. With our development across international boundaries, it quickly became clear to us that a new look, feel and image was required to articulate and reflect what sets our company apart from competitors and echo our global growth. This was the key factor for LPI Group to embark on a rebrand in celebration of our 10 year anniversary.


The official launch date is set for 11th January 2021, and the new brand and messaging has already been rolled out across our key locations and internally amongst our team. This project began early in 2020 as a major undertaking and as one of our key strategic objectives throughout our business expansion.


A core element of the rebrand was the emergence of our positioning line ‘Cloud To Ground Protection’, to reflect the full building envelope, equipment and human life protection that our systems offer. We want to ensure our clients that our carefully designed, installed and commissioned lightning protection systems catch the lightning strike at roof level and safely dissipate the electric current into the earthing system at ground level.


The rebrand encompasses everything – from changing our trading name, logo, safety signs, PPE on sites, our fleet of vehicles, our head office branding to our digital assets, like our website and social media. It has also given us an opportunity to reflect on our core beliefs as a company and ensure that these are also incorporated into our rebrand.


Our first goal is our commitment to the education of lightning protection systems, earthing systems and surge protection devices amongst the data centre sector. With the unprecedented rise in cloud demand, our key goal is to educate our data centre and blue-chip clients on the need and benefits of our mission-critical systems. Having established a dedicated data centre division in 2018, our team is focused on providing training and educational forums on the use of these systems across high-value sectors.

Our second goal is our commitment to training. We will ensure investment in the professional development and training of our employees across all divisions ranging from the project management, technical design, quantity surveying, marketing and installation departments. This will guarantee the premium delivery of our services through a highly skilled team that can adapt in line with industry standards and the changing environments of today.

Our third commitment is to our communities. This year we want to continue investing in our ‘Giving Back to the Community’ initiative. Through this, we will implement CSR activities with the active involvement and financial contribution to community-based initiatives which seek to build local infrastructure, support local needs and foster community integration.


We will continue to strive to be the best company that we can be. Our strategic plans for 2021 are to continue creating a clear pathway for LPI Group to achieve measured growth and continued operational success over a six-year period. We will continue to deliver cutting edge, innovative lightning protection solutions to clients and push industry boundaries by investing in the latest technologies and continuing our digital technology adoption.

In line with our strategic objectives for 2021, we have become proud members of leading data centre bodies, including the Danish Data Center Industry and Host in Ireland, along with a number of other smaller data centre entities. We believe working closely with these bodies will further position us as the lightning protection, earthing and surge protection specialists of choice and keep us educated on our clients’ needs in the data centre market.

This year we will be launching the ‘LPI Group Academy’, a dedicated training facility to educate our clients initially on lightning, earthing and surge protection systems, code of compliance and health and safety standards, with the prospect of developing further training courses for the market.

Finally, I can share that we have secured a state of the art facility in Sweden to further leverage our growth amongst the Nordic data centre industry. We hope to share some images over the coming weeks!