Employee Spotlight, Mohammad Loni, Technical Engineer.

Mohammad Loni is a member of the Technical Design Engineering team here at LPI Group. Mr. Loni plays a leading role in the designing of our turnkey Earthing, Lightning, and Surge Protection solutions for our global and diverse clients.

In this piece, Mr. Loni answers questions to help you understand the man behind the innovative turnkey designs our clients receive, including:

  • His role
  • How he came to work for LPI Group from Iran
  • What Mr. Loni finds most exciting about his role
  • His favourite thing about working with LPI Group
  • What Mr. Loni enjoys doing in his spare time

Give us a brief overview of your role?

In this company, as a Technical Design Engineer, I am responsible for designing and producing all engineering documents, including study reports, 2D and 3D layouts, risk assessments, installation details, etc.

I am responsible for leading the preparation of these documents and doing some on-site testing to verify our design studies are in accordance with practical situations on-site.

How did you come to join LPI Group?

I was introduced to the owners of LPI by Mr. Hadi Beik Daraei, the current Engineering Manager. Back in Iran, I enjoyed excellent working conditions, having worked for two of the country’s largest and most prominent companies.

One involved electrical design for oil and gas plants, while the other focused on designing high and medium voltage transmission lines, in addition to handling outsourced projects. These roles provided both material satisfaction and a profound sense of fulfilment, as well as the knowledge that I was contributing significantly.

It was during this period that I first met Mr. Hadi, and we collaborated on several significant projects in Iran. Eventually, he left Iran for other opportunities. After he departed, he persistently inquired about my interest in working in Europe, to which I initially replied with no interest. Several months passed, and he continued to encourage me to consider a move to Europe.

Ultimately, I accepted the opportunity, and now I am here with the LPI Group team. It’s noteworthy that I had only met Mr. Hadi twice in Iran. The third time our paths crossed was at the airport in Ireland, and I believe this was serendipity.

What’s the most exciting aspect of your role?

In my view, excitement comes from solving complex problems and facing new challenges. In my current role I often set challenges for myself to get better and improve my skills daily.

Given my workload, most of these challenges revolve around automating or speeding up the process of creating high-quality, client-friendly documents. For instance, I’ve been working on creating code and software solutions for earth system studies, lightning coverage (RSM, PAM), ESE coverage studies, HV and MV transmission line surge studies, and more. Creating code like this is something I am passionate about.

In the past, I used to get satisfaction from publishing scientific and industrial articles in international journals and conferences in Iran, work that I currently miss, however, hope to reengage in at some point in the future.

It would be great to undertake doctorial (PhD) studies while continuing my role with LPI Group. It’s appealing to me to study a PhD to rekindle my passion for contributing to a wider body of knowledge.

What is your favourite thing about working with LPI Group?

The primary reason for enjoying working with LPI so much is due to the sincere and very positive atmosphere and the very nice people here in the office where there is great support and fun!

There is a big heart and support within this company that fill all my mental gaps, and I hope I’ll never have to leave this company. The office team is filled with great people.

I particularly enjoyed the diverse projects that LPI is involved in and some of the clients I can design for.

Another great thing about LPI is the fact that the directors, Mr. Paudi, Mr. Shane, and Mr. Eoin support and facilitate me in creating code and software solutions for completing complex projects.

Away from work, what do you like to do? Any secret talents?

In the limited free time I have, my most important pastime is playing with my son – he’s 3 years old and has just started playschool.

I have a deep interest in mathematics. Despite studying engineering, I served as an assistant professor in the mathematics department, teaching differential and integral equations for about a year.

Playing with my son often feels like engaging in a mathematical game!

I’m passionate about hands-on, creative work and strive to avoid using technology for household tasks whenever possible. In terms of sports, I enjoy football, futsal, and chess, while playing cards and dancing are among my other hobbies. I am an Arsenal FC supporter through the good times and bad. My favourite Arsenal player growing up was Thierry Henry!


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