Members of the LPI team and nVent team

As Europe’s leading EPC lightning protection specialists, LPI Group continues to innovate how we deliver cloud to ground protection to our clients.

Working with the best and most innovative suppliers in Europe we work to deliver the best earthing, lightning, and surge protection solutions.

Last Friday, LPI Group hosted nVent at our head office in Baldonnell with a view to strengthening strategic relationships.

Yves Geysegoms (Manager of Sales and Business Development in Europe and Africa) and Christian Schochtert (Director of Sales and Business Development for Europe) attended the LPI office where they met with the LPI leadership team along with other department members.

During their visit, Technical Design Manager, Mr Hadi Beik Daraei, presented the capabilities of LPI and recent projects delivered to clients in a range of sectors including Data Centre, Pharmaceutical, and Healthcare to Yves and Christian.

Hadi gives a presentation on LPI design engineering capabilities to nVent

LPI and nVent Relations

nVent works across various sectors including mission-critical, industrial, energy, and renewables and has an umbrella of brands including ERICO, with whom LPI Group have built strong relations over the last 10 years of operations.

ERICO nVent supplies grounding and bonding, lightning protection, and surge protection product solutions. LPI has been installing ERICO nVent products on projects to achieve the best results in lightning and surge protection standards for data centres and other high-tech projects in our portfolio for 10 years.

To support further strategic growth, enhanced collaboration and strengthened relations with nVent will position LPI positively in the market as we expand towards renewable energy and other utility sectors.

Key Takeaway

A key takeaway from the day was that LPI Group specialist engineers and design team members will begin attributing Continuous Professional Development (CPD) hours to learn about nVent tools and programs.

The deep-dive of engagement will create a win: win: win for LPI Group, nVent, and mission-critical clients as we will work with nVent to deliver the most innovative services and solutions to our clients.

To summarise the visit, Commercial Director Shane Rohan said:

“This was a beneficial day of meetings and collaboration with Yves, Christian, and the wider nVent team. We thank them for the CPDs they set up with nVent teams in the United States and Italy to give us an overview of exciting innovations.

We are excited about the continued collaboration and look forward to building on the positive discussions held here today.”