Alan Doyle recieves DCs for Bees award from host in Ireland

LPI Group proud supporter of Host in Ireland, An Industry of Substance’s 1000 Orchards in the Community Initiative.

The 1000 orchards in the community initiative support biodiversity in the environment and advocates for reversing the decline of Ireland’s pollinators.

With the current rate of decline, we are expected to lose 90% of our bumblebees by 2050. In 2020, they were down by 24% from the previous year. Of the 99 species of bee in Ireland, nearly one-third are threatened with extinction.

Bees provide many benefits to society. Both bees and butterflies are indicators of the general health of the 11,400 insects that not only impact pollination but also pest control and decomposition.

Orchards are important habitats as they support bees by providing them with a much-needed food source and provide communities with a focal point, allowing them to connect to the environment.

Pictured receiving the LPI plaques are Teodora Dimova, Finance Director at LPI Group, and Alan Doyle, Business Development Manager with LPI Group with the Host in Ireland team.

You can find out more about this amazing initiative at