LPI Group - Engineers Ireland 2021 Registered Training Provider

LPI Group has recently achieved Engineers Ireland Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Approved Training Registered Provider status, in recognition of the company’s continuing professional development strategy. This milestone marks LPI Group’s tenth year in business and demonstrates the company’s commitment to education and development, as today we are the only earthing and lighting protection specialist in Ireland to be approved as a CPD training provider by Engineers Ireland.

Paudi Reidy, CEO of LPI Group, said:

“The most valuable assets at LPI Group are our internal and external stakeholders. Our team recognise the importance of continuing professional development, and this approval validates our commitment to this. We recognise that investing in people is necessary to drive innovation and streamline construction processes, and we are thrilled to now be an EI Registered Trainer.”

Alan Doyle, Business Development Manager at LPI Group, comments on the training approval, sharing:

“I’m really looking forward to presenting our approved CPDs to our valued clients in the coming months and to raising awareness on the importance of earthing, lightning and surge protection systems”.

Our CPD entitled, “Foundations of Earthing on Data Centres” is the first to be approved for delivery to our participants by Engineers Ireland. We endeavour to have CPDs covering lightning protection systems and surge protection devices approved in the coming weeks.

If you would like to schedule a CPD with our technical consultants, please email info@lpigroup.com.