LPI Group Become UL Listed Lightning Protection Contractor

LPI Group, leading lightning protection system, earthing system and surge protection device specialists have recently been approved as a ‘UL Listed lightning protection contractor’.

Following a thorough evaluation by United Laboratories (UL), a global organisation that establishes industry-wide standards for new products, LPI Group will now offer UL Master Label® certificates to their clients upon completion of a lightning protection system installation.

The UL certification indicates that the system complies with both UL requirements and the local lightning protection code of compliance standards, which we take pride in. With the help of UL’s International Accreditation Service (IAS), LPI Group will be able to reassure clients all over the world that their building structure, equipment, and human life within the vicinity of their premises are safe from the damaging effects of lightning strikes by installing a secure UL-certified lightning protection system.

“Paudi Reidy, LPI Group CEO comments on the accomplishment saying, “We are very proud that LPI Group has achieved UL listing, allowing us to further build our reputation as the leading experts in lightning protection systems, earthing systems and surge protection devices internationally. The completion of the rigorous evaluation process was made possible by the dedication of our technical division, and I would like to thank UL for their engagement and support with our team throughout the process.”

“We are proud to support initiatives which enhance the quality of installed lightning protection systems around the globe through IAS accredited third party inspections says UL Field Business Engineer Christopher Carlson. We are excited to have LPI Group join the UL family of listed lightning protection contractors currently serving the regions of Sweden, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Ireland, UK, Spain, Italy, Belgium, and the United Arab Emirates. We look forward to working together towards a safer world.”

LPI Group is expanding its service offerings as UL-listed contractors, with several major international projects on the horizon for 2022.