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Lightning Protection Systems

Lightning protection systems are critical to prevent damage to a property during severe storms which can produce high-intensity lightning strikes. The LPI Group Lightning Protection System is an innovative solution that provides complete facility protection from lightning strikes and transient currents. The high-performance system is designed, supplied, installed and commissioned by our technical specialists, by incorporating nationally and internationally recognised system designs and standards including:

EN 62305NFC 17 102

Our technical specialists carry out a number of critical pre-installation to commissioning procedures to ensure the highest quality delivery of our high-performance lightning protection system. Our dedication and commitment to excellence and safety in lightning protection and earthing systems are unrivaled across the construction industry guaranteeing the safety of project staff and the public.

Our Process

Our team of expert consultants and technicians work closely with engineers, architects, main contractors and project managers to ensure that a systematic and methodical approach is adhered to at all stages of a project, from initial project concept to final project handover.

Our process for the installation of a lightning protection system works as follows:

The LPI Lightning Protection System is fully compliant with all European Lightning Protection Standards, including:

Components of a Structural Lightning Protection System

As part of any lightning protection system, there are three key components of the build-up as outlined below. It is essential that lightning protection systems are correctly designed and installed by specialist engineers who have undergone intensive training with ATLAS (The Association of Technical Lightning and Access Specialists) to ensure the safe and correct installation to protect your building envelope.

Lightning protection drawing showing the layout of a typical lightning protection system


Air Termination Network

Captures the lightning strike and equally distributes the current to the down conductors.



Down Conductors

Safely conduct the lightning current from the air termination network to the earth termination system.



Earthing System

Disperses the lightning safely to the ground. The efficiency of the system can be assessed by acquiring an overall resistance value of 10 ohms or less, or by ensuring the minimum length of the horizontal or vertical electrodes is achieved.

System Advantages & Benefits

Lightning Protection Systems provide a number of key benefits for complete building envelope protection against lightning strikes, including:

Complete Building Protection

Electrical Equipment Protection

Personal Protection

Fire Prevention

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