Lightning Protection International (LPI) is delighted to announce that we have become a Business Member of the Danish Data Center Industry, an industry body representing the data centre ecosystem in Denmark. We will now proudly join over 70 fellow members who reflect the high-calibre Danish data centre supply network, and work together to meet the needs of the sector by sharing our knowledge and expertise in lightning protection.

Paudi Reidy, Group CEO shared ‘We go beyond to consistently meet the challenges of the ever-growing data centre market. Becoming part of the Danish Data Center Industry will enable LPI’s collaboration with fellow members and ensure the highest quality delivery of our essential services to the Danish market’.

Since 2018, LPI has continued to provide high-performance lightning protection systems, earthing systems and surge protection devices to hyper-scale data centres in Denmark. From lightning protection concept to the final commissioning of the system, we have ensured code compliance, safety, quality and innovation every step of the way. This creates a peace of mind for our clients that their data centre building, power supply lines, data processing and storage units, and occupants in the vicinity of the building are protected from the detrimental losses of lightning strikes at all times.

We now look forward to delivering our systems, services and values to our clients across Denmark as members of the Danish Data Center Industry!

If you would like to learn more about the Danish Data Center Industry, visit here.