Luke Carroll attends Northvolt with an Irish Delegation

Attending the Demo North Summit 2024 in Northern Sweden was an eye-opening experience for LPI Group and members of the Enterprise Ireland Irish Delegation.

Over three days, Luke mingled with over 250 business leaders, investors, and policymakers, diving deep into market research on green transformation and sustainable innovation in the North of Sweden.

LPI Group’s Commitment to Sweden

There is a strong project pipeline for LPI Group, who for over 7 years, has been providing turnkey power earthing systems, lightning protection systems, and surge protection devices to the Swedish data centre market.

There are endless amounts of ambition in the Norrbotten region matched with actions and support from municipalities in supporting companies in establishing world-leading steel and battery manufacturing facilities, namely Northvolt, H2GreenSteel, and SSAB.

Our Expertise in Lightning Protection

Our Technical Engineering team and Gavle-based on-site engineers are positioned to deliver expert lightning protection and Power Earthing system consultancy, design, installation, and commissioning services to these facilities to protect them from detrimental damages caused by lightning.

Key Takeaways

  1. Renewable Energy Innovations

The summit showcased advancements in steel and battery manufacturing in the region. Experts discussed integrating these technologies to reduce the carbon footprint of steel production, with some facilities to produce 2.5 million tonnes per year and even 5 million tonnes!

As an ISO 14001 company, our technical engineering team has unrivalled experience in dealing with renewable energy projects, designing earthing grids and earthing systems for several solar farms in Sweden, Belgium and Ireland.

  1. Green Infrastructure

Panels highlighted eco-friendly construction and urban planning, emphasising projects that balance development with environmental preservation. Infrastructure is pre-planned and, in some cases, already in development to support the region’s growth.

LPI Group’s 3D design capabilities ensure that construction remains eco-friendly thanks to designing out waste and ensuring that only the correct amount of materials get to site to avoid waste.

  1. Community Involvement

Speakers stressed the importance of community collaboration with businesses and governments to drive sustainable development. The community are backing plans and embracing the significant growth of the region.

  1. Networking and Tours

Day one of the Demo North Summit 2024 saw a tour of Lulea’s Black Island District and Boden Business Park. There, Luke saw the incredible opportunity for lightning protection and earthing systems on these green projects.

The final day for the Irish Delegation saw a trip to Northvolt to present company capabilities to members of the Northvolt team.

Here, Luke presented the LPI’s capabilities in providing lightning protection and earthing systems, including a recent case study showcasing real savings made for a confidential data centre client.

  1. Early Engagement with LPI Saves Costs on your Project

As Northvolt’s team learned, early engagement with LPI Group saves time and money on projects.

The case study presented to Northvolt highlighted the most beneficial aspect of our client engaging early with LPI. The problem and findings from the data centre projects are as follows:

The Problem:

Our clients’ European standard for cable size is 400 square millimetres.


LPI’s technical team visited the particular site and calculated that 120 square millimetre cable provides sufficient protection for the project.


Cost savings on cable elements for the client are estimated at 40% for the client.

Speak to our Technical Engineering Team

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