Krasai Radev, Employee Spotlight


In our latest Employee Spotlight interview series, Chris Radev, Operations and Procurement Manager here at LPI Group, discusses his role with us. Chris plays a leading role in securing the best agreements and terms from vendors and suppliers to ensure the successful operations of LPI Group internationally.

We sit down with Chris and learn about the man responsible for facilitating agreements between LPI Group and some of Europe’s leading suppliers. Chris gives us an overview of:

  • His role
  • How he began working with LPI Group
  • What Chris finds most exciting about his role?
  • Chris’ favourite thing about working with LPI Group
  • What he enjoys doing out of the office?

Give us a brief overview of your role?

My role Operations & Procurement Manager is very interesting, and it involves number of exciting things daily. One of the main aspects of the role involves planning and coordinating company activities and operations on a local and international scale. Some of the noteworthy wins for me was being involved in establishing an office in Zurich, in the local canton of Zug alongside Paudi, Eoin, and Shane.

The procurement component of my role involves continuous engagement in negotiations with vendors and suppliers. The goal here is to secure favourable terms, prices, and agreements for the acquisition of goods and services that are essential to the operations of the company. A recent win here was playing a leading role in securing a strategic partnership with nVent for supply of products across Europe.

How did you come to join LPI Group?

I was working in the group of companies within a different department. A few years ago, the opportunity was presented to move permanently to LPI. I took the straightforward decision to move across to LPI due to my familiarity with the team and the business model of the company. It was a straightforward decision, and I am proud of the contribution I have made so far in helping the company grow.

What’s the most exciting aspect of your role?

My role is dynamic, which brings excitement and spontaneity to the role daily. It involves quick decision-making processes and frequent interactions with different stakeholders internally and externally.

Continuous negotiations with our suppliers and vendors are key to making sure the smooth operations for the business and these conversations keep things interesting too.

I enjoy the challenges of the dynamic nature of my role, negotiating prices and finding agreements that benefit our company.

Your favourite thing about working with LPI Group?

My favourite thing that stands out to me from working with LPI is the leadership team’s vision and focus on achieving success. The success-oriented mindset breeds to all employees in all departments which makes us all work together as a team working to achieve the same purpose.

All the LPI team believes that we are Europe’s leading earthing, lightning, and surge protection specialists, which is demonstrated in the pride all our team take in their work.

Away from work, what do you like to do/ secret talents?

Out of the office I like to engage in different sports like playing football, tennis, and pitch and putt. I play these sports with my friends, and on a nice day, particularly summer evenings, you’ll find me playing pitch and putt.

I also enjoy swimming and regularly visit my local swimming pool and gym after work to relax after the day!


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