LPI Group daring to be brave for sick children

Daring to be brave for sick children.

Every year, over 350,000 children put on brave faces and receive treatment at CHI at Crumlin, ​Temple Street Children’s University Hospital, Tallaght, and Connolly.

Yesterday, the LPI Group team dared to be brave to raise vital funds for the lifesaving work of Children’s Health Foundation hospitals and urgent care centres.

Please donate what you can to help give every sick child the very best chance and to ensure that children continue to have access to the very best facilities, services, and equipment when they need it most. This is the power of your support.

Please donate to the LPI Group link here: https://lnkd.in/e9NZkGa3

Special thanks to Mercury!


LPI Group proud supporters of Host in Ireland, An Industry of Substance’s 1000 Orchards in the Community Initiative.

LPI Group proud supporter of Host in Ireland, An Industry of Substance’s 1000 Orchards in the Community Initiative.

The 1000 orchards in the community initiative support biodiversity in the environment and advocates for reversing the decline of Ireland’s pollinators.

With the current rate of decline, we are expected to lose 90% of our bumblebees by 2050. In 2020, they were down by 24% from the previous year. Of the 99 species of bee in Ireland, nearly one-third are threatened with extinction.

Bees provide many benefits to society. Both bees and butterflies are indicators of the general health of the 11,400 insects that not only impact pollination but also pest control and decomposition.

Orchards are important habitats as they support bees by providing them with a much-needed food source and provide communities with a focal point, allowing them to connect to the environment.

Pictured receiving the LPI plaques are Teodora Dimova, Finance Director at LPI Group, and Alan Doyle, Business Development Manager with LPI Group with the Host in Ireland team.

You can find out more about this amazing initiative at www.orchards.ie


LPI Group Attending DataCloud Global Congress


LPI Group is delighted to announce that we will be attending the DataCloud Global Congress from the 25th-27th April 2022 in Monaco with Host in Ireland.

Set in luxurious Monaco, the event reunites senior executives across the industry and connects the digital infrastructure ecosystem; from data centres, to cloud and edge, to AI industries.

The LPI Group team is looking forward to networking with both new and potential clients.

If you would like to arrange a meeting at the conference with one of the LPI Group team, please email info@lpigroup.com.

We look forward to seeing everyone in person at the event.

LPI Group -Host in Ireland Partner 2022

LPI Group Partner with Host in Ireland for the Second Year Running

LPI Group - Host in Ireland Partners for 2022

LPI Group are delighted to announce our partnership with Host In Ireland for 2022 and the second year running. As part of the partnership, LPI Group will work with the additional 51 partners and the Host in Ireland team to increase awareness of the benefits of hosting digital assets in Ireland, as well as Irish companies that are designing, building, and operating data centres globally.

This year, 15 additionally partners have joined the Host in Ireland, reflecting the growth of influence of Irish companies in the global data centre market. Forty percent of Host in Ireland partners are Irish companies exporting services to Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Partners today are looking outside Ireland to fuel expansion while creating high-value jobs in the digital economy at home in Ireland. Of the Host in Ireland partners responsible for the designing, planning and project management of data centre builds, 65% are Irish companies growing across global markets, including LPI Group.

We look forward to another successful year ahead as a Host in Ireland partner with the additional 51 partners and the Host in Ireland team!

LPI Group - Christmas Jumper Day

LPI Group Proudly Support Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland, The Alzheimer Society of Ireland and the Irish Heart Foundation with Christmas Jumper Day

LPI Group - Christmas Jumper Day

Last Friday the 17th of December 2021, the LPI Group staff participated in a Christmas Jumper Day to raise vital funds for Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland, The Alzheimer Society of Ireland and The Irish Heart Foundation. Along with the funds raised, LPI Group has made donations to the worthy charities and were delighted to support them in their Christmas appeals.

Paudi Reidy, CEO of LPI Group comments, “The Christmas holiday period provides us with a chance to give back to those who are less fortunate. It is also our way of thanking the teams within these charities who work tirelessly to support others. Paudi continues, “ This Christmas LPI Group are glad to make donations to Autism Assistance Dogs Ireland, The Irish Heart Foundation and The Alzheimer Society of Ireland as the charities have personally helped members LPI team and the communities we operate within throughout this year”.

At LPI Group, corporate social responsibility is an integral part of our corporate values and company culture. Every year, we endeavour to select a number of charitable organisations and communities to make contributions to as part of our “Giving Back to the Community” initiative. We hope our small gesture can help the charities in some way this Christmas season.

If your charity would like to be considered for the 2022 “Giving Back to the Community” Initiative, please email marketing@lpigroup.com.

Qualifoudre Certification LPI Group

LPI Group Achieve Qualifoudre Certification to Support French Expansion

Qualifoudre Certification LPI Group

LPI Group, one of Europe’s leading specialists in the design, supply, installation, testing and maintenance of lightning, earthing and surge protection systems has received Qualifoudre certification.

Issued by the French National Institute for Industrial Environment and Risks (INERIS), the Qualifoudre certification ensures through an independent assessment that we comply with the requirements specified by the reference system, reliably implement a quality management system, respect the certification requirements, and apply the ministerial orders and standards in force.

The Qualifoudre certification will beneficially support LPI Group’s expansion in France, where we are already currently engaged on a number of high-profile data centre projects. This certification concerns the following areas: risk analysis, evaluation of risk components, technical studies and internal protection.

The lightning risk analysis defines the level of risk linked to the impact of lightning near or directly on a building or infrastructure. This analysis can be completed by a study defining the protections to be implemented to reduce this risk to an acceptable level. Qualifoudre certification is mandatory for ICPEs (Installations Classified for Environmental Protection) subject to Authorisation (A) and SEVESO (AS) by ministerial decree.

In addition, certification is recommended for all those who wish to protect their installations in the civil and military fields against the risks of lightning (safety of people, data, equipment, etc.).

LPI Group CEO, Paudi Reidy, comments on the new certification;

“In the last year, LPI Group has substantially grown our footprint within the French market. Achieving the Qualifoudre certification enables us to offer extra assurance to our clients that our solutions are delivered to French standards and regulations. We are currently delivering major projects in Paris and Toulouse where the certification is a requirement, which enhances our positioning as leaders in lightning protection systems within this region”.

LPI Group look forward to developing business across France as we approach 2022 as Qualifoudre certified lightning protection specialists!

LPI Group Become UL Listed Lightning Protection Contractor

LPI Group Become UL Listed Lightning Protection Contractor

LPI Group Become UL Listed Lightning Protection Contractor

LPI Group, leading lightning protection system, earthing system and surge protection device specialists have recently been approved as a ‘UL Listed lightning protection contractor’.

Following a thorough evaluation by United Laboratories (UL), a global organisation that establishes industry-wide standards for new products, LPI Group will now offer UL Master Label® certificates to their clients upon completion of a lightning protection system installation.

The UL certification indicates that the system complies with both UL requirements and the local lightning protection code of compliance standards, which we take pride in. With the help of UL’s International Accreditation Service (IAS), LPI Group will be able to reassure clients all over the world that their building structure, equipment, and human life within the vicinity of their premises are safe from the damaging effects of lightning strikes by installing a secure UL-certified lightning protection system.

“Paudi Reidy, LPI Group CEO comments on the accomplishment saying, “We are very proud that LPI Group has achieved UL listing, allowing us to further build our reputation as the leading experts in lightning protection systems, earthing systems and surge protection devices internationally. The completion of the rigorous evaluation process was made possible by the dedication of our technical division, and I would like to thank UL for their engagement and support with our team throughout the process.”

“We are proud to support initiatives which enhance the quality of installed lightning protection systems around the globe through IAS accredited third party inspections says UL Field Business Engineer Christopher Carlson. We are excited to have LPI Group join the UL family of listed lightning protection contractors currently serving the regions of Sweden, Denmark, France, Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Finland, Ireland, UK, Spain, Italy, Belgium, and the United Arab Emirates. We look forward to working together towards a safer world.”

LPI Group is expanding its service offerings as UL-listed contractors, with several major international projects on the horizon for 2022.

LPI Group - Engineers Ireland 2021 Registered Training Provider

LPI Group Gains Engineers Ireland CPD Approval as Registered Training Providers

LPI Group - Engineers Ireland 2021 Registered Training Provider

LPI Group has recently achieved Engineers Ireland Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Approved Training Registered Provider status, in recognition of the company’s continuing professional development strategy. This milestone marks LPI Group’s tenth year in business and demonstrates the company’s commitment to education and development, as today we are the only earthing and lighting protection specialist in Ireland to be approved as a CPD training provider by Engineers Ireland.

Paudi Reidy, CEO of LPI Group, said:

“The most valuable assets at LPI Group are our internal and external stakeholders. Our team recognise the importance of continuing professional development, and this approval validates our commitment to this. We recognise that investing in people is necessary to drive innovation and streamline construction processes, and we are thrilled to now be an EI Registered Trainer.”

Alan Doyle, Business Development Manager at LPI Group, comments on the training approval, sharing:

“I’m really looking forward to presenting our approved CPDs to our valued clients in the coming months and to raising awareness on the importance of earthing, lightning and surge protection systems”.

Our CPD entitled, “Foundations of Earthing on Data Centres” is the first to be approved for delivery to our participants by Engineers Ireland. We endeavour to have CPDs covering lightning protection systems and surge protection devices approved in the coming weeks.

If you would like to schedule a CPD with our technical consultants, please email info@lpigroup.com.

LPI Group Become Partners of Host in Ireland for 2021

LPI Group Become Partners of Host in Ireland for 2021

LPI Group Become Partners of Host in Ireland for 2021

Following our recent rebrand, LPI Group are delighted to announce our partnership with Host In Ireland for 2021. The partnership follows a rigorous application process to ensure LPI Group’s alignment with Host in Ireland and our commitment to furthering the data centre sector in Ireland and abroad.

Host in Ireland is an award-winning strategic global initiative created to increase awareness of the benefits of hosting digital assets in Ireland as well as Irish companies that are designing, building, and operating data centres globally. This partnership comes to fruition to mark LPI Group’s 10 year anniversary and our specialised delivery of high-performance lightning protection, earthing and surge protection systems across the data centre sector in Ireland and Europe.

LPI Group joins 39 additional Host in Ireland partners for 2021, the largest partnership in the initiative’s history, and will work together by sharing our knowledge and expertise to build the data centre ecosystem across the Irish market. Paudi Reidy, LPI Group CEO joins the Host in Ireland Executive Council, whilst Grace Nolan, LPI Group Marketing Manager, takes a place on the Host in Ireland Marketing Executive Council.

Paudi Reidy, LPI Group CEO shares; “We are very honoured to have been selected to become affiliate partners of Host in Ireland this year. The past several months have seen an unprecedented surge in cloud demand, highlighting the significance of the data centre space and protecting the full building envelope from cloud to ground”. He further adds; “This affirms the importance of LPI Group working together with the diverse spectrum and high calibre of partners that are integral to Host in Ireland’s success and delivering cutting edge data centre design across Ireland and further afield”.

Garry Connolly, President and Founder of Host in Ireland shares; “As we move forward in 2021, the challenges and opportunities facing the data centre industry will require bold leadership, clear vision and clarity of words to highlight the benefits this industry brings to Ireland. I am confident we have the right set of partners at the right time to help us be successful in these efforts”.

LPI Group looks forward to the year ahead as proud partners of Host in Ireland as we continue to ensure complete building envelope lightning protection to the data centre sector.


Our Rebrand: An Interview with Paudi Reidy, Group CEO

LPI Group are delighted to announce our rebrand after a successful tenure of 10 years in business. Paudi Reidy, Group CEO provides key insights into LPI Group’s rebrand.

LPI Group are an Irish contractor, specialising in the design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of lightning protection, earthing and surge protection devices, with global reach across Europe, the UAE and Africa. We build and manage complex data centre and blue-chip projects that reimagine how people work in the built environment. Our determination and sharp focus enable us to deliver cutting edge lightning protection solutions across a range of key sectors, providing complete building envelope and human life safety.


LPI Group has made a key decision to rebrand – our first since inception 10 years ago in 2011.


As LPI Group enters our 10th year in business, with a team of over 100 staff, global locations and five times revenue growth in the last five year, we are entering a new development phase. Originally established as Lightning Protection Ireland for Irish operations and Lightning Protection International for international operations, we believe now is the right time to amalgamate the two divisions and trade as LPI Group.

Since our establishment in 2011, we have strongly prided ourselves on having a brand that reflects the premium full-service offerings we deliver to our clients. With our development across international boundaries, it quickly became clear to us that a new look, feel and image was required to articulate and reflect what sets our company apart from competitors and echo our global growth. This was the key factor for LPI Group to embark on a rebrand in celebration of our 10 year anniversary.


The official launch date is set for 11th January 2021, and the new brand and messaging has already been rolled out across our key locations and internally amongst our team. This project began early in 2020 as a major undertaking and as one of our key strategic objectives throughout our business expansion.


A core element of the rebrand was the emergence of our positioning line ‘Cloud To Ground Protection’, to reflect the full building envelope, equipment and human life protection that our systems offer. We want to ensure our clients that our carefully designed, installed and commissioned lightning protection systems catch the lightning strike at roof level and safely dissipate the electric current into the earthing system at ground level.


The rebrand encompasses everything – from changing our trading name, logo, safety signs, PPE on sites, our fleet of vehicles, our head office branding to our digital assets, like our website and social media. It has also given us an opportunity to reflect on our core beliefs as a company and ensure that these are also incorporated into our rebrand.


Our first goal is our commitment to the education of lightning protection systems, earthing systems and surge protection devices amongst the data centre sector. With the unprecedented rise in cloud demand, our key goal is to educate our data centre and blue-chip clients on the need and benefits of our mission-critical systems. Having established a dedicated data centre division in 2018, our team is focused on providing training and educational forums on the use of these systems across high-value sectors.

Our second goal is our commitment to training. We will ensure investment in the professional development and training of our employees across all divisions ranging from the project management, technical design, quantity surveying, marketing and installation departments. This will guarantee the premium delivery of our services through a highly skilled team that can adapt in line with industry standards and the changing environments of today.

Our third commitment is to our communities. This year we want to continue investing in our ‘Giving Back to the Community’ initiative. Through this, we will implement CSR activities with the active involvement and financial contribution to community-based initiatives which seek to build local infrastructure, support local needs and foster community integration.


We will continue to strive to be the best company that we can be. Our strategic plans for 2021 are to continue creating a clear pathway for LPI Group to achieve measured growth and continued operational success over a six-year period. We will continue to deliver cutting edge, innovative lightning protection solutions to clients and push industry boundaries by investing in the latest technologies and continuing our digital technology adoption.

In line with our strategic objectives for 2021, we have become proud members of leading data centre bodies, including the Danish Data Center Industry and Host in Ireland, along with a number of other smaller data centre entities. We believe working closely with these bodies will further position us as the lightning protection, earthing and surge protection specialists of choice and keep us educated on our clients’ needs in the data centre market.

This year we will be launching the ‘LPI Group Academy’, a dedicated training facility to educate our clients initially on lightning, earthing and surge protection systems, code of compliance and health and safety standards, with the prospect of developing further training courses for the market.

Finally, I can share that we have secured a state of the art facility in Sweden to further leverage our growth amongst the Nordic data centre industry. We hope to share some images over the coming weeks!