Employee Spotlight

Meet our high-performance team responsible for delivering our turnkey earthing, lightning, and surge protection solutions.

Roberta Bari, Quality Engineer standing at the National Children's Hospital

Roberta Bari Quality Engineer

Today, we're excited to introduce Roberta, our talented Quality Engineer at Ireland's National Children's Hospital (NCH) site. In this interview, we'll explore Roberta's pivotal role including: An overview of her day-to-day role in…
Jose Moreno, Regional Manager Munster and Connacht

Jose Moreno Regional Manager

In the latest edition of our Employee Spotlight, we're thrilled to introduce you to Jose Moreno, our dedicated Regional Manager for overseeing the earthing system and lightning protection system installations in the Munster and Connacht…
Dave Murran, Employee Spotlight

Dave Murran Project Manager

In this week’s employee spotlight, we speak with Dave Murran. Dave is a Project Manager here at LPI Group and is one of the longest-serving members of the operations team. Dave is a Project Manager for some of LPI Group’s largest…
Krasi Radev, Employee Spotlight

Chris Radev Operations and Procurement Manager

  In our latest Employee Spotlight interview series, Chris Radev, Operations and Procurement Manager here at LPI Group, discusses his role with us. Chris plays a leading role in securing the best agreements and terms from vendors…
Employee Spotlight, Mohammad Loni, Technical Engineer.

Mohammad Loni Technical Design Engineer

Mohammad Loni is a member of the Technical Design Engineering team here at LPI Group. Mr. Loni plays a leading role in the designing of our turnkey Earthing, Lightning, and Surge Protection solutions for our global and diverse clients. In…