In Conversation with Alan Doyle, Business Development Manager at LPI Group

Recently our Business Development Manager, Alan Doyle, sat down with Karin Angus and Ioanna Sidiropoulou to discuss our success in the Nordics to date. Alan discusses our experiences working on data centre projects, how focusing on sustainability and innovation has been paramount in our success, and the future of LPI in the Nordics.

The following is the full interview extracted from Enterprise Ireland Nordics, Irish Advantage, In Conversation with Alan Doyle, Business Development Manager at LPI Group.

In Conversation with Alan Doyle, Business Development Manager at LPI Group

LPI Group stands as a beacon of excellence in the field of earthing and lightning protection, boasting a compelling history as a specialised EPC contractor. Offering a comprehensive turnkey service that encompasses consultancy, design, supply, installation, and commissioning, the company’s distinctiveness is further underscored by a dedicated design department with accredited professionals proficient in soil resistivity testing, earthing studies, and discrimination studies.

With more than two decades of experience in engineering consulting, Alan Doyle extensively sought design advice for earthing and lightning protection solutions from LPI Group, acknowledging their exceptional professionalism. In 2017, he transitioned to LPI Group as Business Development Manager, displaying proactive dedication to European clients in data centres, pharmaceuticals, and high-tech industries.

Q: Venturing into the Nordics: What first attracted you to the region and how has doing business in the Nordics been so far?

In 2018, top-tier electrical contractors approached LPI Group to handle LPS (Lightning Protection Systems) projects in the Nordics. This exciting opportunity sparked the company’s interest and set the wheels in motion for a transformative journey into this dynamic region. Working closely with these contractors, the journey kicked off with a successful project, GVX01, in Gävle, which not only solidified the company’s reputation but also laid the foundation for more achievements to come.

Collaborations with fellow Irish firms established in Sweden including Suir Engineering, Kirby Group, Mercury and Winthrop Engineering as well as with a major Data Centre hyper-scale provider, marked significant milestones in LPI Group’s Nordic expansion. As word spread, more electrical contractors sought to partner with LPI for Nordic projects.

Q: What factors contribute to your company’s success in embracing innovation and sustainability?

LPI Group’s impressive growth in the Nordics is greatly attributed to Enterprise Ireland Nordic’s unwavering support, led by Karin Angus, Senior Market Advisor within high-tech construction. Her role in expanding the client base enabled the establishment of a key office in Gävle, now central to the company’s Nordic operations. This journey thrives on shared values with the Nordic ethos, particularly in sustainability and innovation.

Innovation and sustainability serve as the cornerstones of the company’s philosophy, deeply resonating with its collaborations with data centre operators and the Nordic commitment to sustainability. Leveraging advanced 3D modelling techniques, the company has seamlessly integrated sustainability into its processes. The precision of 3D modelling has minimised material waste and transportation inefficiencies, thereby contributing to the company’s sustainability goals while ensuring flawless project execution.

“The 3D modelling also allows for clash detection, meaning we ensure that none of our systems and installations impacts other trades, thus obeying the project programme, and in some instances finishing ahead of schedule and providing cost savings to clients.”

Q: What types of businesses do you usually partner with, and how has LPI Group effectively addressed a specific market demand in the Nordic region?

Aside from LPI’s projects within life sciences, medical, and education sectors back in Ireland, the company’s client portfolio in the Nordics predominantly comprises data centre providers, particularly hyper-scale multinational corporations, drawn to the Nordic region. One noteworthy collaboration involves an Icelandic provider, who builds colocation campuses in Iceland, Finland, and Sweden. LPI Group’s expertise in designing lightning protection and earthing systems aligned with rigorous European and LPS standards has empowered the client to compete effectively with multinational colocation providers, underscoring the company’s pivotal role in bridging critical gaps in the Nordic market.

“We’ve effectively bridged a market gap in the Nordics by becoming a highly-skilled, globally-accredited provider of lightning protection systems. Our expertise is trusted by Nordic clients to safeguard their digital assets and personnel from the risks of lightning strikes.”

Q: What is LPI’s future vision for the Nordics?

The company’s offerings have been met with resounding positivity from clients in the Nordics, a testament to its unwavering work ethic and commitment to excellence. Looking ahead, the company envisions diversification into sectors such as pharmaceuticals and battery plants, propelled by the invaluable guidance of the wider team at Enterprise Ireland Nordics. Based out of Gävle, the company’s roadmap extends beyond data centre projects to encompass pharma, medical devices, education, and commercial facilities, reinforcing its position as the premier turnkey specialist in earthing, lightning, and surge protection across the Nordic market.