About Us

LPI Group is one of Europe’s leading professional contracting firms specialising in high-performance lightning protection systems, earthing systems and surge protection devices. Our team of experts deliver industry-leading services, including consultancy, design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance across all our systems. With strategic locations across Europe and more recently into the UAE, LPI Group directly employs over one hundred proficient employees to service these markets.

Company History

Since our establishment in 2011, Lightning Protection Ireland and Lightning Protection International have delivered cutting-edge lightning protection systems, earthing systems and surge protection systems across the European data centre, pharmaceutical, commercial and renewable energy sectors. To celebrate a successful 10 years in business, this year we launch our rebrand to LPI Group.


Our Vision

Our vision is to be the world’s leading lightning protection system, earthing system and surge protection device specialists, by delivering exceptional results for our clients, building satisfying careers for our people and earning a fair return on the value we deliver.

LPI Group Mission Statement

To provide cloud to ground protection through an innovative full-solution service.

Corporate Values

Safety First – First and foremost providing the safest possible environment for our employees and clients alike is the most important.

  Innovation – Through our leading industry partnerships we deliver cutting edge innovative technologies in pursuit of meeting our clients needs and exceeding their expectations.

  People- Our team is the foundation of our success. That’s why we focus on attracting, retaining, and training the industry’s most talented professionals. With our focus on career development and our place in a vibrant industry, we aspire to become an employer of choice.

  Professional Excellence – The drive to deliver the best is rooted in everything we do across the group. In everything we do our reputation has been built upon open and honest communication, project transparency, superior teamwork and creative solutions with an innovative spark!

Certificates and Memberships

At LPI Group our reputation is built upon safe, high-quality systems and a skilled and experienced workforce, where quality is more than just a set of measures. Our standards, industry certifications and memberships demonstrate this.

Our Partners

LPI Group has proudly established partnerships with world-leading manufacturers in lightning protection components to deliver the latest, high-performance lightning protection systems, earthing systems and surge protection systems to our clients around the world

A. N. Wallis & Co Ltd. is a global leader in the production of earthing, lightning protection, exothermic welding, and surge protection devices.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, a world-leading manufacturer of lightning rods, surge protection, earthing, exothermic welding and storm detectors.

DEHN SE + Co KG is a global leader in lightning protection, surge devices, and smart protection solutions.

ERICO, a global manufacturer of three main lightning protection systems to protect facilities from lightning strikes, based on their Six Point Protection Plan.

Furse, a global manufacturer of specialist lightning protection and smart protection solutions.

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